Fred in Billboard

In other news, Beethoven rolls over in grave.

In a desperate move to attract new readership, Billboard devoted an entire page to Jerrod Niemann’s country smash, “Donkey.”  To learn how “Donkey” found its way to your radio, click here.


Jerrod Niemann Kicks Ass

With his current single, “Drink To That all Night,” poised to enter the top ten on the country charts, Sony recording artist Jerrod NiemannJerrod Niemann has made my song “Donkey” available to the public via iTunes and Spotify.  Written with my pals David Toliver and Kyle Jacobs, this tune arrived at the end of the day after several glasses of Jack Daniels.  It takes an artist of great vision and courage to release a song with the line “they like the way I ride that ass” in it.  Thank you, Jerrod.

The song appears to be a significant contributor to Jerrod’s promotional campaign, as evidenced in this short trailer.  The album will be available on March 25, but you can ride that donkey right now.

Love Me If You Can

Lisa BrokopMy good friend and frequent co-writer (and iconic Canadian country music singer) Lisa Brokop has released a new single, “Love Me If You Can,” to radio.  It’s slowly climbing the charts and is a song I’m really proud of.  After a couple year hiatus, we wanted to write something to introduce her to new fans and re-introduce her to long-time supporters.  It was produced by the amazingly talented Carolyn Dawn Johnson.

Check it out, or better yet, buy it here.


A Music Love Affair

Fred at the BluebirdI’m super psyched to be playing at the world-famous Bluebird Cafe tonight with people I love and admire- my good friends The Stellas, Matthew Perryman Jones and Ryan Kinder.  They blow my mind and will yours.  6:30 PM.

Kellie Pickler is a Genius

Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler and the wise staff at Black River Records have made the super smart decision of choosing my song, “Little Bit Gypsy,” as Kellie’s current single.  I applaud their foresight and good taste.  I wrote it with my good friends, Kyle Jacobs and Tammi Kidd.  The song’s been out for a couple of weeks and I’m happy to report it’s steadily climbing the charts.  You can check it out (and I wish you would) here.

Please feel free to download it, request it and share it…a million times.  My family and I thank you.

Act Of Valor and American Idol

Well it’s been a while since I updated you on some of the fun stuff going on. Recently a contestant named Rachel Lamb sang my song “Dearly Beloved” during the audition. She new it was recorded by Faith Hill, but got the title and a few of the words wrong. Still she sounded good enough to be “sent to Hollywood”, and now I’ve got to root for her. You can watch her audition here Rachel Lamb on American Idol

Also a song I’d written with my good frienda Lori McKenna has been used in the new sound track to the film Act Of Valor. I’m pretty psyched about this, because they used my recording on the album. I played mandolin on the track and this is my first major label credit as “Producer”. You can hear the song on Itunes and Two Soldiers Coming Home.  The movie and the soundtrack are doing well.  Check it out!

More Stuff – Why Wait For Summer @ 42

Hey Friends

First and foremost, thanks to all of you that have been requesting my song “Why Wait For Summer” written with and recorded by Walker Hayes.  Because of your requests (and others like you) the song jumped three more spots last week on the Billboard Hot Country Charts.  It is now at #42, but still climbing and has the “hit potential” bullet.

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to  request the song and drive it like a Camaro racing up the charts.  On this website you’ll see a new tab at the top of the page titled “Be A Hitmaker”.  Click on that link and follow the instructions to request the song as often as you can/like/ve possibly can.  It really does help

I’ve also posted some new gigs under the shows tab.  Pretty psyched about them because I’m playing with some of my favorite artists and friends. Walker Hayes, Kelleigh Bannen & Canaan Smith and  I will be performing next week as part of the Tin Pan South Benefit for NSAI .  The following week I’ll be playing at the Bluebird Cafe  with Kaci Bolls, Marc Alan Barnette and the fabulous Jay Knowles.  One of my sisters and her husband will be visiting that weekend and I don’t think they’ve seen me perform since I cut my long  hair,  closeted the Les Paul and moved to Nashville some 17 years ago.  I hope she likes the new direction…

Other stuff bubbling/brewing/boiling over.  I’ll keep you posted.    Thanks for checking in.

Walker Hayes Update #48

Walker’s song is slowly climbing up the charts – this week at #48 on Billboard’s Hot Country.  Songs take a long time on the charts these days, and it may be 30 weeks before the song peaks.  Walker’s been on the charts only four weeks so far and we’re doing OK.  Still the more you can call your local radio station and request it the better.  You can find your local radio station by going to Radio Locator.

Friends in the Nashville area can request the song by calling WSIX at (615) 737-9800.   You can also request it online at this mediabase link.  The song is not yet being played by WSIX in Nashville ( what the…??!) but you can write it in as a request at the bottom.

The song is also now available on Itunes.  Check it out, buy it for friends, write a review –  help spread the word.

I really really appreciate all your help in making this song happen.  Your requests REALLY DO make a difference.  Thanks again.  Other good stuff in the works – more to follow.


Walker Hayes on the Charts

Hey friends.

I wanted to share some good news.  My good friend and frequent collaborator Walker Hayes has released our song “Why Wait For Summer” as his single.  He’s an amazing artist on Capital records and you can hear our song by checking out his webstite

The song is currently 49 on the Billboard hot country charts.  For me this is a really big deal.  While I’ve been lucky to be on a lot of good records (see discography on this website), this is my first mainstream US Country single that you may actually and hopefully hear playing on the radio – frequently.  If the song does well it could really have a tremendous positive impact on me and my family.

Soooooo, I’m asking your help.  Please call your local country radio station and request Walker Hayes  - Why Wait For Summer.  You can find your local country station through this link:  radiolocator.  Just call ‘em up and ask ‘em to play it as often as you feel inspired to do so.  I’ll keep you posted how the song is doing.

On a personal note, I had a blast playing with Nicole Witt this past Saturday at RPM Music night.  I love doing house concerts – an opportunity to play a lot  of songs, hang out with new friends and eat/drink.  What could be better?

Thanks for checking in – more later.


A New Year At Last

2011 is upon us and I for one am grateful.  The past year has had some ups and downs and I’m anticipating more ups in this new year.  Among the “ups” I’m expecting in 2011 is the arrival of a new baby.  Lindsay and I will be having another son in late May.  So far Mom and kicking stomach bulge are doing well.   It looks like I’ll also be signing a new publishing deal in the near future after a brief, nerve wracking limbo between deals.  I’ve been here before and it’s always a bit of a leap of faith to just keep your head down, keep doing the best work you can, and trust that it will find a home.  I’ll give the location of that home, when the address is finalized.  Lawyers are involved so a glacial pace is expected.

I’m also excited that many of the good friends and collaborators that I work with regularly will have new records coming out this year.  Look for my songs in 2011 on albums by Catie Curtis, The Jeffersons, The Stellas, Walker Hayes,  Dani Flowers, and Randy Travis (so far).  Hopefully I’ll be adding more names to that list as the months progress.

I had a wonderful time at the 30A Songwritersfestival again this year, and got to hang with some of my musical friends and heroes.  It’s an amazing event along the beaches of Highway 30A  (Destin, SeaGrove, Grayton Beach, Rosemary Beach) in Florida and one I look forward to every year.   Mary Gauthier was playing there this year along with folks like Dar Williams, Rodney Crowell and Shawn Mullins among others.  Hoping to return next January – you should plan on joining me.

I’m resolved to trying to keep a little more active updating this website and blog this year.  Let me know if I’m doing OK or if there’s something you want to know/hear.  Thanks for reading.