Walker Hayes Update #48

Walker’s song is slowly climbing up the charts – this week at #48 on Billboard’s Hot Country.  Songs take a long time on the charts these days, and it may be 30 weeks before the song peaks.  Walker’s been on the charts only four weeks so far and we’re doing OK.  Still the more you can call your local radio station and request it the better.  You can find your local radio station by going to Radio Locator.

Friends in the Nashville area can request the song by calling WSIX at (615) 737-9800.   You can also request it online at this mediabase link.  The song is not yet being played by WSIX in Nashville ( what the…??!) but you can write it in as a request at the bottom.

The song is also now available on Itunes.  Check it out, buy it for friends, write a review –  help spread the word.

I really really appreciate all your help in making this song happen.  Your requests REALLY DO make a difference.  Thanks again.  Other good stuff in the works – more to follow.


  • Fred..I am a Walker Stalker lol… and have loved this song since the first day I heard it…..I am determined to get it to top 10 at least……;) have a great day! Renee