“Jerrod Niemann Hopes His ‘Donkey’ Will Kick Ass”Billboard Country Update

By Tom Roland, June 12, 2014

Fred and his co-writers, Kyle Jacobs and David Tolliver, talk how to build a “Donkey”…

“A Fine Mess, Episode 4: Songwriter Fred Wilhelm,” on The Pop Dose Podcast

By Jeff Giles,, May 24, 2013

Nashville songwriter Fred Wilhelm opens up about his career and creative process.

Letter From the Editor: From 1992 to Granby, CT,

By Jeff Giles, December 15, 2009

“…I popped the tape — titled Wonderfull — into my stereo, sat down at my desk, and listened. It’s been 17 years, but I still remember it vividly, because I didn’t get up from my chair until the album was finished — I just sat there, watched the late afternoon turn into early evening, and fell in love with the Rails one Wonderfull track at a time. The production was lo-fi and the drum machine tinny, but the songs radiated with all the yearning and anguish you’d expect from a pair of twentysomethings laboring into an eight-track recorder in an apartment over a sausage factory — and they were smart and tuneful besides. They still resonate with me now…”  Read the full review.