Act Of Valor and American Idol

Well it’s been a while since I updated you on some of the fun stuff going on. Recently a contestant named Rachel Lamb sang my song “Dearly Beloved” during the audition. She new it was recorded by Faith Hill, but got the title and a few of the words wrong. Still she sounded good enough to be “sent to Hollywood”, and now I’ve got to root for her. You can watch her audition here Rachel Lamb on American Idol

Also a song I’d written with my good frienda Lori McKenna has been used in the new sound track to the film Act Of Valor. I’m pretty psyched about this, because they used my recording on the album. I played mandolin on the track and this is my first major label credit as “Producer”. You can hear the song on Itunes and Two Soldiers Coming Home.  The movie and the soundtrack are doing well.  Check it out!